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International Machinery Exchange (IME) was established in 1979. The belief was to recycle before recycling was vogue. Greg and Denise Mergen saw so much usable equipment being tossed away before the equipment was at its end of life they decided to take action. The specific emphasis was to provide quality used, rebuilt, and new machinery to the food processing industry.

In 1976 Greg earned a degree in Food Science from UW-Madison and was provided an invaluable education in all phases of food processing. The understanding of the process involved provided a specific advantage when determining values of the related machinery and equipment.

The business moved into its current location in 1983. This location is on 10 acres and contains a number of warehouses as well as a fully functional manufacturing area.
With the combined 100 plus years’ staff of experience, there is no other solution for your equipment needs.

The mission of International Machinery Exchange is to service our customers by providing innovative and flexible solutions to their processing requirements. We will deliver quality, high-performance equipment by utilizing new and reconditioned items to maximize their costs and efficiencies. By recycling and reconditioning existing equipment, we also provide a valuable service to our planet.

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